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€18,915,721 Since Megabucks first appeared on casino floors in 1986, progressive jackpots have been a feature of the gaming experience. IGT's creation has instantly converted inexperienced players into millionaires. Megabucks is a networked slot machine game that is available in 136 Las Vegas casinos and has 750 machines.

Progressive jackpots, as the name implies, contain growing top payouts that are linked to the amount of betting volume. Every wager contributes a small portion to the pot, and the longer it stays unclaimed, the larger it grows.

Since 1986 although not all progressive games migrate over to online casinos, a large number of them do, and more are being added as new slots are developed. As mobile play grows in popularity, more focus is being placed on smartphone and tablet access.

On NetEnt's online Mega Fortune machine €17,861,800 million was won. Mega Moolah 28 September 2018 anonymous player won mega jackpot at Grand Mondial €18,915,721.

At any given time, you can find a variety of casino sites offering million-dollar rewards. Even if the reward has just been taken, Mega Moolah always starts at £1 million. The more you play, the more you'll learn which games to hunt for, as some are recognized as the best jackpot machines.

What is the house advantage?

The term payout percentage or house edge may be known to you, and it refers to the overall percentage that the casino retains from a long-term series of wagers. It's been averaged out over a million spins, and slots commonly claim payment percentages ranging from 90 to 98 percent, leaving the casino with 10 to 2 percent. Again, these figures vary depending on the machine, the provider, and the time of day. However, because the large maximum payoff amount must be paid, as well as the casino's cut, progressive slots will often provide a lesser payout percentage to players.

Is there a way to increase your chances of winning at progressive games?

  • Step 1

    Play at licensed well respected online casinos.

  • Step 2

    When necessary, always bet the maximum amount. Although not always, most progressive jackpot games rely on a maximum wager. If you're playing one of those, you can't cut corners and lower your stake, or you'll be out of the running for the progressive jackpot and may finish up with only a few hundred dollars instead.

  • Step 3

    Pick slots with highest jackpots, but not just slots with biggest jackpots, they can be pretty hard to win. Since there are different types of jackpots(network and casino based) what you need to do is to compare jackpots for the same slot in different casinos and pick the highest progressive jackpot.

    Usually odds of winning in a particular slot are the same, but reward of hitting progressive jackpot may vary a lot. That way you are maximizing your odds.

Track Jackpots

The overall goal of playing progressive slot machines is to have fun. Chasing jackpot can be very costly. And you’ll find that this goal is much more achievable when you have a good strategy.